• Thanks for all your time in assisting with the bathroom. it was installed and completed in late May.  Mother-in-law loves the bungalow. I completed the whole installation myself and with some help from my wife. The bathroom was easy to install. The material finishes, size, and design just works. I am very happy with it.

    Jeff, Footscray Vic.
  • The team at Add-A-Bathroom could not have been any more helpful as we needed a modified unit to fit our application. It was wonderful to deal with down to earth people who cared. We took care of the installation ourselves and would recommend the Add-A-Bathroom system to others.

  • During 2004/2005 my company developed a multi story office building in the city of Adelaide, that was formally office accommodation, into 126 apartments. Each apartment had two composite Add-A-Bathroom modular bathrooms supplied by Fibre Composites.

    This building work was completed in May 2005 and to date there have been no warranty or maintenance issues with any of the Add-A-Bathroom units supplied by Fibre Composites.


    Regards Theo.

  • The Australian Landscape Trust is very happy with the finished product. We had good service and a quick response from Fibre Composite when we inquired about a shower unit. A quote and the unit were dispatched within the week after acceptance. Thank you to Brian and the team.

    Kind Regards   Karen

  • ANCR article Click to read the article.

    Add-A-Bathroom FP1000S units were selected for this project of 173 units for there installation speed, excellent ‘clean-ability’ and cost effectiveness.

    Victorian University Project 2015