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Here at Add-A-Bathroom we’ve been making prefabricated composite bathrooms for nearly 20 years. Adding a bathroom, or shower cubicle, to your home has never been easier. Our products are designed to provide you with a fully equipped solution to insert seamlessly into your space. With easy to build flat-pack bathroom designs, they are a great D.I.Y project for you to set up your new bathroom. If you’re a bit handy on the tools then you will only need a plumber and electrician to do their bit, the rest you can do yourself.

 Add-A-Bathroom provides cost efficient, quality products to residential and commercial communities nation-wide. 

Find out more about how the Add-A-Bathroom process below or speak to a member of our team for more information

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Step 1

Measure Your

Each of our products are designed to fit an existing space within your bathroom, laundry or toilet. When looking to add your new modular product to your home or business, simply measure the length and width of the area in millimetres. 

Step 2

Pick the Best Sized Bathroom

To find the product for you, browse through the Products section of our website using the category navigation to filter our range. Each product page includes the technical drawing of our products to show you the exact layout of the desired design. 

Use the ‘Choose Your Product’ dropdown to determine which standard of product (Pod Only, Basic Fit Out or Premium Fit Out) that you need. Then, press the ‘Enquire Now’ button and enter your details to contact our team and complete your purchase.

Step 3

Pick Your Preferred Wall Finish

Once your purchase is complete, we’ll organise the delivery to your home or business. Each product includes the elements you need to create your space with simple and easy-to use instructions. 

Our products are designed to be installed at home, so we’ve made the process as simple for you as possible. If you need further advice upon opening, simply get in touch with the Add-A-Bathroom team.

Step 4

Your Preferred Fit Out Option

Once installed and up and running, enjoy your new bathroom, laundry or toilet space. If you are satisfied with your product, feel free to leave us a review online or on our products!

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