FPSH800S – 1800mmx880mm


Shower Pod’s are finished internally with gloss white walls, see below, all bathrooms come with a Vogue Grey floor. Accessories, plumbing or electrical fittings are included if you choose those options. All rectangular units can be assembled with the shower on either the left, or right hand end. To get started on your option selection please chose from the wall finish you prefer as shown below.  FPSH800S shower room

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The Add-A-Bathroom ‘Flat Packed’ Pre-Fabricated Shower Room.

A prefabricated shower room  kit is a perfect choice when you require an additional shower space. Whether you’re engaging in a new build and looking for a cost-effective alternative, or perhaps adding an shower to an existing room.

At any time during your search please don’t hesitate to call our Tech Team on 1300 559 121 for assistance with any product queries or simply to help you navigate through the available options best suited to your project.

Ordering your shower room flat packed is ideal where access is limited. All models up to the FP2700 can be carried, in component form, through a standard doorway. Ready to reassemble inside.

There are 2  fit out levels to choose from.

  1. Pod Only
  2. Full standard Add-A-Bathroom ‘Pre-Fit’ for all plumbing related items in the standard kit and clear sliding screen  and electrical kit.

The Shower room in a ‘POD ONLY’ package comes with the floor, walls and ceiling panels along with all the required fasteners including the sealant kit. The Shower room  in the ‘Pod Only’ option do not contain any bathroom accessories or plumbing related fittings.

For simple and faster installation on site a complete fittings kit in flat packed, ‘Pre-Fitted’ format, is the way to go.

In the Pre-Fitted options, the shower room comes with the full kit of Add-A-Bathroom fittings and the bathroom accessories* for plumbing items, it also includes the hot and cold pipe kit, all ready for re attachment on site by you. The standard Add-A-Bathroom accessory* package is included. All the required holes are predrilled, this also applies to the electrical kit . No need to measure and level everything out, we’ve done it for you.

The Shower room is completely finished internally with gloss white walls, in your chosen wall option and the ‘Vogue Grey’ floor with anti-slip texture to the main floor area and raised dimples in the shower area. Just think, no screeding, no additional waterproofing, no internal linings, no tiling, no grout (yippee), no painting. How good does that sound?

The shower room  is generally supplied as a flat packed unit with 1 x floor, 1 x ceiling and 5 x wall panels. It comes with all the required bolts etc to assemble the unit along with the floor waste fitting and a sealant kit.  All accessories have been predrilled with all backing blocks fitted to the bathroom ready to accept the reattachment of the supplied accessories. Simply put the screws back into the predrilled holes.

*Our standard shower pod accessories have been pre fitted but then removed for transport to be reattached by you on site.

External framework and doors are not included. 

No sewer pipe work is included with the unit.

Choose Your Wall Finish


Choose Your Fitout Options

Premium Fitout Curtian Rail electrical kit, Standard – Pod Only (Walls, Floor and Ceiling), Premium Fitout (inc. Shower Screen & Electrical Kit)


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